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E36/46 Ballast Plate(30lb Base Plate)

E36/46 Ballast Plate(30lb Base Plate)

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GSR E36/46 30lb base ballast plate, these bolt into the factory passenger side seat mount crossmembers. Plate extends rearward of the rear seat bolt holes approximately 7", and plate extends forward of the front seat bolt holes approximately 3".  Additional upper plates(sold separately) can be stacked on top of these to achieve your desired ballast weight. Nuts are partially captured on the bottom to keep from spinning during torquing of upper plates to base plate. Comes with M10 hardware to secure the base plate to the chassis.

M10 hardware to chassis(17mm socket): 33 lb-ft
1/2" hardware plate to plate(3/4" socket): 76 lb-ft(not included)

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