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E36 MK60 ABS pump adapter soft lines

E36 MK60 ABS pump adapter soft lines

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Master cylinder you're using
Brake hardline fittings near ABS pump

*For Offroad use only*

6 stainless steel braided soft lines to adapt an MK60 ABS pump into an E36.  Includes 2 lines from the brake master cylinder to the pump, 4 lines from the ABS pump to the vehicle hardlines which require some modification, and adapters.

NOTE: Please leave comments on your order what size hardline fittings your vehicle has and which size fittings your master cylinder has.  BMW brake fitting are either M12x1.0(larger), or M10x1.0(smaller), most vehicles have 2 large and 2 small hardline fittings near the ABS unit.  See below for notes on the different configurations. Please leave the last 7 of your VIN or comment the sizes so we can get you the correct fittings.

MK60/MK10E1/MK60E5 ABS pump
V=Front(F) M12, from master cylinder
H=Rear(R) M12, from master cylinder
VR=Front Right(FR) M10
HR=Rear Right(RR) M10
HL=Rear Left(RL) M12
VL= Front Left(FL) M12

All E36 Master Cylinder
Front: M10(closer to firewall)
Rear: M10

All E46 M3 Master Cylinder
Front: M12(Closer to firewall)
Rear: M12

1995 E36 hardlines at pump
FR(VR): M10
R(H): M10(single line/3 channel)
FL(VL): M10
Our preferred method to convert to 4 channel MK60 is to run 2 new hardlines to the rear from a 96-99(see PN below).

1996-1999 E36 M3 hardline at pump
FR(VR): M12
RR(HR): M12(hardline PN:34326755526)
RL(HL): M10(hardline PN:34326755686)
FL(VL): M10

Up to 09/1996 328 E36 hardline at pump
FR(VR): M12
RR(HR): M12
RL(HL): M10
FL(VL): M10

After 09/1996 328 E36 hardline at pump
FR(VR): M10
RR(HR): M10
RL(HL): M12
FL(VL): M12

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