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GSR M52TU / M54 Four-Bolt Oil Pump Shaft

GSR M52TU / M54 Four-Bolt Oil Pump Shaft

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The GSR M52TU/M54 Four Bolt Oil Pump Shaft is the ultimate piece of engine insurance for your non-M E46, Z3/Z4 or any other M52TU/M54-powered BMW. Whether your car is a race car, dual-duty street/track car, or you simply enjoy spirited high-performance driving, your stock oil pump shaft is at risk for failure. 

The factory oil pump nut can back off, and the shaft has a known history of breaking at high RPM. Either of of these failures would quickly lead to oil starvation, leaving your engine as nothing but a very large and expensive multi-piece paperweight. 

GSR's M52TU/M54 Four Bolt Oil Pump Shaft replaces the failure-prone single-nut OEM sprocket retaining system on the M52TU/M54 engine. The replacement shaft is precision ground, machined, and hardened for superior wear characteristics and resistance to shear failure. The four-bolt mounting system prevents the pump nut from becoming loose and backing off. This package is far superior to welded or safety-wired versions of stock parts, or a single-fastener replacement.

Kit includes new pump shaft, sprocket, and inner rotor. Fully assembled - no pressing required. 

Note: M52TU engines are updated, dual VANOS equipped M52 units built in 1998-2000 and were only available in the E46 chassis. These pump upgrades are compatible with OE part number 11 41 7 501 568. This upgrade is NOT compatible with the M52 engines from an E36 chassis.

$300 core charge is included in price and will be refunded upon receipt of your rebuild-able core. Core MUST be received within two weeks of delivery of replacement unit. You may send your old cap & rotor before ordering to avoid the core charge.

M54 4 Bolt Oil Pump Shaft Core Program Instructions

Made in USA.

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